Daily Journal

Journaling as a spiritual practice is incredibly fulfilling. As part of your Daily Dedicated Spiritual Practice, it provides benefits no other practice can.

Authenticity – I have a dear friend who started a Facebook group called Sweet Spot: Truthtelling as part of her healing the emotional wounds from a vicious journey through cancer and treatment. She knows the precious gift complete transparency and authenticity are in their role in healing. A journal allows us to put down exactly what we think and feel without having to filter in any way for a given audience.

HistoricalRecord – Journaling preserves our thoughts and ideas and gives us a method for reviewing how far we have come, insights we’ve had and demonstrations we’ve experienced. This is especially helpful for teachers and leaders to be able to pull from experiences they might otherwise have forgotten.

Prayer Requests – Having a dedicated place to record prayer requests (your own and others’) helps you center in your Daily Dedicated Spiritual Practice as well as when you are engaged in your prayer partnerships. You will be able to go back and review what you’ve prayed for and what your demonstrations have been.

Intentions– Use your journal to write your intention 20 times a day. You can record your insights and observations. It’s also exactly the right place to hone your intention until it’s exactly right for you.

Dream Work– If you utilize your dreams as part of your spiritual practice, your Daily Journal provides a place for writing your dreams down. It can also receive your impressions and insights as you work with your dreams.

Creative Catch-All– Your Daily Journal is a great place to keep ideas, sketches, poetry, prose and other ways you express your creativity on the page.

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