How To Work With Affirmations

How you work with your affirmation is really up to you. What we know right now about how affirmations work best is a combination of four things: Think it; Write it; Speak it; Feel it. It’s really up to you to develop a meaningful practice with your weekly affirmation. Here are some ideas:

  1. Think it
    1. Put it in front of you:
      1. on your bathroom mirror
      2. on your car dash
      3. on your computer monitor
    2. Memorize it and recite it to yourself from time to time
    3. Meditate on it for a few minutes each morning and evening
  2. Write it
    1. Write it on a 3×5 card
    2. Change the language if you find something else resonates better
    3. Write it in your journal at the beginning of each week
    4. Use a separate notebook to write your affirmation daily
  3. Speak it
    1. Read it aloud each morning before you mediate on it.
    2. Turn it into a song or a chant
    3. Work on memorizing it by saying it aloud
    4. Place it on your altar/prayer chair and say it several times when you have your prayer time
  4. Feel it
    1. Use visualization techniques
    2. When you read/recite it, take time to tap into your feelings
    3. Do a “Fast Forward” mediation

If you have any struggle around the affirmations, write it in your journal. If you find a really neat way to work with your affirmation, write it in your journal. Be sure to journal about your thoughts  so you can bring your ideas and questions to the weekly check in.

Every challenge has a spiritual solution…