Intention Setting

It takes time to develop intentions that work, just as it takes time to prepare soil and do your planting.  Put that effort in on the front end, and you will reap a harvest of Good in your life!

  1. Start with Deep Listening. If you have a meditation practice that functions in this way, use it. If not, I strongly encourage you to do a visioning process. There many resources for engaging the visioning process:
    1. You can buy Michael B. Beckwith’s Life Visioning kit online.
    2. You can join  Rai Jordon’s visioning sessions via audio conference.
    3. You can join South Sound CSL Teaching Chapter’s visioning sessions in Lakewood.
    4. You can do in-person visioning training and sessions led by Raylene
  2. Formulate your intention over time, adjusting it as needed:
    1. POSITIVE- Keep your intention affirmative. Avoid all negative language (no, not, never, without) and negating prefixes (un-, non-, anti-)
    2. PRESENT- Formulate your intention in the now, using the present tense. If you struggle with this, try doing the “Fast Forward” visualization process.
    3. POINTED – Be specific. Stay away from general affirmations such as, “I am open to Spirit’s movement in my life,” if what’s really calling you is a job (aka Divine Right Livelihood.)
    4. POWERFUL- Use words that are meaningful to YOU. do not be influenced away from using your word just because it means something different to another person. Use words that inspire the feeling you got when you were visioning or using Fast Forward.
    5. PERSONAL -Do not co-opt someone else’s affirmation or language choices. This often happens when the first step (Deep Listening) is skipped. You may hear someone else’s affirmation, and think, “I want that too!” There’s nothing wrong with that, but in most cases your result (demonstration/manifestation) will be exactly the opposite of what you are affirming/intending. (See When Affirmations Don’t Work.)
  3. Work with your intention. In my experience, intentions work themselves just fine. However, for best results, work your intention consciously.
    1. Think It: keep your intention in mind. Make it part of your Daily Dedicated Spiritual Practice.
    2. Write It: get a simple notebook (or use your daily journal to write your intention twenty times every day.
    3. Speak It: say your intention aloud as often as possible. Say it to yourself in the bathroom mirror. Tell your prayer partner each time you meet. Say it to yourself when you get in bed for the night and before you get out of bed in the morning.
    4. Read It: Print your intention on paper or labels and put them on your bathroom mirror, car dashboard, desk, phone, and any other place you will encounter it regularly. Take the time to read it each time you see it.
    5. Feel It: Try to recapture the feeling you experienced when formulating your intention.  Each time you work with your intention, consciously tap into your emotional and sensory memory to bring those to the surface.

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